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.★.--- P.R.O.F.I.L.E.S ---.★.

Name: Tako/タコ(Shark-eating free)
B-Day: 8/14/XX
Age: ♪ ♬ ♪ ♬
Likes: Maru, Seiyuus, FFVII, Tales of Abyss, Tenipuri, Tenimyu, Chocolate, Vivienne Westwood, H.Naoto, ABJDs, anime, Jdrama, friends, yaoi, sweets, cosplay, romance.
Dislikes: Being alone, lies, bitter food and misunderstandings.

.★.--- L.I.N.K.S ---.★.

.★.--- Mayu Kisaragi/如月 繭 ---.★.

B-Day: (AD: 4/28/08)
Age: 19
Type: 4D Javi
Face-up: tamayaki
.★.--- Naoya Kisaragi/如月那夜 ---.★.

B-Day: 8/14/XX (AD: 7/02/04)
Age: 12
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Jerome (Humme)
Face-up: megaraptor
Likes: Tsukasa, friends, XXOO, playing and meeting new ppl.
Dislikes: Thinking too hard, dark places, being alone.
Notes: Despite being the youngest son of the Kisaragi household, Naoya acts more like a mother figure and takes care of everyone in the family. The blue eyed boy likes to wear fluffy girlie clothes and being care-free among the others. His brother Tsukasa often teases him being his little 'sister' but he always answers back with a warm smile.
.★.--- RUI Valentine ---.★.

Age: XX
Type: XXX (Humme)
Face-up: XXX
Likes: Nothing.
Dislikes: Nothing.
Notes: A talented and mysterious model whose gender is unkown. Rui models for both male and female clothing under his dad Eien(*)'s fashion line. Born as the only child in the family, he was raised/taught to be perfect. Although the boy is never short with fortune, Rui has no strong desire toward anything or anyone. Once the camera is off, he goes back to his emotionless self. The only person he seems to trust is Tae(*). But when the two hang out, their rudeness often either break hearts or drive the others away.
(*)= characters own by tasu
.★.--- Sakurai Satoshi/桜井さとし ---.★.

B-Day: 2/6/XX (AD: 2/06/07)
Age: 147
Type: CP Dreaming Shiwoo (Vampire)
Face-up: Unknown
Likes: New inventions, 'rare' species, study, 'Hide and Seek', and his 12 little animal boys.
Dislikes: What he is.
Notes: Satoshi is the creator of the 12 zodiac animal boys. The cynical doctor rarely shows any emotions unless he finds something of his interest. Especially when he's on the hunt for something 'new' to add to his collections. The more difficult for him to acquire his prey, the more pleasure he gets during the process.
.★.--- Tsuei-Ran/翠蘭 ---.★.

B-Day: Unknown (AD: 7/20/07)
Age: Unknown
Type: CP Senior Delf Bliss (Celestial being: Tenyo)
Face-up: CP custom
Likes: Sake, sleep.
Dislikes: Human and the other zodiac animal boys.
Notes: A very rare direct tenyo descend. Ran was caught by Satoshi when he was sneaking out into the human world one night. Being the most powerful animal boy in the zodiac clan, he compares himself to no one but his master. But that doesn't mean he swears loyalty to the cruel doctor. Until this day, Ran is still searching for a way to break free from Satoshi. One way or another.
.★.--- Kaoru Sano/佐野 薫 ---.★.

B-Day: 8/14/XX (AD: 4/07/08)
Age: 18
Type: Volks School A (Humme)
Face-up: tamayaki
Likes: Singing and occasionally playing drums.
Notes: Kaoru is the lead vocalist of a popular band called D.N.A.. Who is also a total playboy when it comes to flirting with girls/fans, whether it be on the stage or off. People around him would always find a charming sunny smile on his daily day basis. Along with a bit of clumsy personality, his equally clumsy girlfriend Ayame* is often seem by his side. Although some times has passed, Kaoru still has unsettled feelings for the ever so devious Hime.
.★.--- Hime Hoshino/星野 姫 ---.★.

B-Day: (AD: 6/25/08)
Age: 26
Type: K-doll Kamyu mod
Face-up: tookumade
Notes: The most mysterious boy who doesn't seem to have a past of his own. Using a alias name, Hime has been surviving on his own for as long as he can remember. The dark hair boy is skilled in fighting and will kill without mercy. But despite his dark side, the pay-for-hire assassin loves to cross-dresses and have trapped most of his victims with his seductive charm. However, upon meeting DNA's guitarist Toshiya*, Hime's twisted fate begins to change in a way he'd never imagine.
.★.--- Chitose/千歳 ---.★.

Age: 12
Type: Volks 1st edition Toppi
Face-up: tamayaki
.★.--- Nozomu/望 ---.★.

Age: 5
Type: Volks Yo-SD Kun boy
Face-up: tamayaki

Tan F-16
MSD F-20

.★.--- L.O.V.E.S ---.★.

Original Ichinen Trio Will Always Be ♥ Forever and Ever

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