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[Monday 14.8.17 @ 17:45pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

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[Wednesday 13.1.10 @ 0:24am]
[ mood | disgusted ]

Ok. Before I type up a full ALA report, shoutouts and all that rainbow jazz. There is something I need to let out.

I am beyond pissed at two low lives who shall not be named but you fucking know who you are, who went over the line and took advantage of my friend when she was most vulnerable. I AM FUCKING DISGUSTED BY YOUR ACTIONS. ESPECIALLY WHEN ONE OF YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE OUR FRIEND. I expected no less from you to be taking care of her when she was feeling depressed as I was taking care another friend on the other end. But instead you fucking betrayed our trust. Did you simply forget that she's one of your friend too or did you just think it was ok to cross the line because she's your friend?? I can't even imagine what would've happened if Andy wasn't there and if I didn't stay up that night chatting with an old friend. And you can bet your sorry ass that none of my close friends will ever be rooming with you ever again at cons.

To the other person who is not on my LJ who I don't know very well. I am just as disgusted by what you did. If your idea of throwing a party is just to get girls drunk so you can take advantage of them while they are down, well think again. Because I will be warning the others about this.

To the friend who I am defending in this post: I DO care about you a lot and I hope things will get better for you. Despite what happened, I enjoyed spending time with you during ALA even if you think it was a mistake that you went. Otherwise I wouldn't have stayed up all night listening to you. ILU and I can't wait to see you again at Fanime. And no more drinks for you young lady!

This entry will be open to public and will be accepting anonymous replies. Explain your actions before I cut you off from my life.

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